Top Tips to Repair a Car Air Conditioner | Denton TX

Air conditioners are necessary for maintaining the inside temperature of a car. However, this machinery can break down at any time and can be very annoying. You must remain calm and focus on eliminating the issue. Once the problem is evident, you can choose the best solution for it. The following is a brief summary of the possible situations and plausible causes you might find yourself in while dealing with you car air conditioner.

Car Air Conditioner Weak Air Flow

There can be several reasons behind it. For instance, mold or mildew from residual moisture might have accumulated in the evaporator core. It occurs during the cooling process. Such accumulation stops the airflow from reaching the air vents of the car, therefore, it must be cleaned up. Sometimes, the air hose could be loosened. Tightening it up a little can help. Additionally, the ventilation fan can be an issue, which would require a change. The evaporator core case seals, blower house seals, and core case seals can deteriorate and open up the air flow in the car. They must be checked regularly.

Auto AC Not Blowing Cold Air

It is a common problem and may occur due to a Freon leak. It could have been caused by a failed component, hose, seal, or o-ring. A clogged refrigerant charging hose or expansion tube can also be the reason behind it. Similarly, compressor/ its clutch and blower motor/ its resistor might have failed too. Additionally, any damage to the condenser or evaporator can cause the car air conditioner to not blow cold air as well. Vacuum leaks as well as a failed control module, relay, fuse, switch, blend door or solenoid can also cause the problem. All of them must be replaced.

Car AC Blowing Hot Air

Refrigerant leak, worn out compressor, and problems with the electrical system are among the most common reasons behind your car’s air conditioner blowing hot air. It can be a terrible situation but has solutions. If there is a problem with the electrical system, then you must call an electrician to solve it out. If there is a refrigerant leak issue, you must replace the damaged component. In case the compressor has worn out, you must replace it immediately. It is the heart of the conditioning system. The modern vehicles use it when the defroster is active. Therefore, it is much easier to change it in them.

Car Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough

In case your car’s air conditioner is not blowing cold air, you must know it needs recharging. You can do it yourself as well. However, it is better to call an expert. Another reason could be the Freon leakage. It can be checked with the help of a charging machine. A specific amount of gas is required to keep the air conditioner working and blowing cold air. Therefore, the Freon gas must be refilled. Similarly, the air conditioner might also fail when the blend air door is stuck. It must be replaced with the help of an expert mechanic.

Auto AC Switches Between Cold and Warm Air

The most common reason behind this problem is the clogged expansion valve. It is responsible for distributing the proper amount of refrigerant to the car’s evaporator. The coolant can’t flow into the evaporator if the pipe is blocked, so it must be cleared up. Similarly, a faulty compressor clutch fails to engage with car’s compressor and the correct pressure cannot be maintained. It results in hot air blows and must be exchanged. Additionally, if a fuse has shortened out, the power to individual parts will stop. It must be replaced. Also, if there are leaks due to the presence of moisture or because of damage, the moisture and refrigerant will mix. The leaks must be repaired too.

Car Air Conditioner Recharge

Your car’s air conditioner can be quickly recharged. First of all, determine ambient air temperature. If it is below 55 degrees, you should not recharge it. Secondly, locate the low-side service port. Once located, wipe away any dust with a clean rag. Next, the cap from the low-side service port must be removed. It is the opening. Attach the charging hose to it. Ensure a secure connection and add refrigerant to your car’s air conditioner. Monitor the pressure during the recharging. Once charged, remove the charging hose. Place the service port cap and reinstall.

Auto Air-Conditioner Stopped Working Suddenly

All of the reasons mentioned in the above sections can lead toward a sudden shut down of your car’s air conditioner. Do not panic in such a situation. First off, you must figure out the cause of the problem. Once determined, you must check your chances of repairing it on your own. If you cannot repair it by yourself, you must seek professional help.

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