Hybrid Vehicle Repair Denton Texas

Hybrid Vehicle Repair

So you got yourself a Hybrid vehicle to save money on gasoline, and possibly even have a smoother ride. Or maybe you just wanted to help ensure the environment is clean for your grandchildren and their grandchildren.

That’s a great thing. These cars can be extremely efficient both on fuel and maintenance costs.

However, there are things that can go wrong with a Hybrid vehicle. Plus, like any other car… you MUST maintain the vehicle.

There tends to be a problem though. Finding a mechanic who is qualified to do the necessary repairs and maintenance on a hybrid. Choosing the wrong mechanic who isn’t qualified, or doesn’t have the proper tools and training can be devastating to your vehicle’s engine. Not to mention it can be unsafe for you to operate the vehicle.

Until more recently, your only real option when it came to hybrid repair or maintenance was to go to the dealer. It’s nice to have the option to find an independent mechanic who is qualified to repair or do maintenance on your hybrid vehicle.

If you’re in or around the Denton, Texas area, you’ve got a great team of qualified mechanics at All About Imports. AAI will take excellent care of you and treat you fair while ensuring that your hybrid vehicle repair is done right the first time around.

It’s Important to Maintain Your Hybrid Just Like a Gas Engine…

While Hybrid cars usually do allow longer periods between things such as oil changes…it’s still necessary to do this maintenance at its scheduled time.

In a nutshell, you’ll have to treat the maintenance schedule just like any car, however, it should be done by a technician trained in hybrid vehicles.

The Differences Between Your Hybrid Vehicle and a Typical Gas Engine

While there are mostly similarities, there are also some major differences between your hybrid car and a typical gas engine.

Hybrid Automotive Alternative Energy

Hybrid and EV AC Service and Repair

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than driving in the heat with an inoperable AC system. The first step with any vehicle whether it’s an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) a Hybrid or an EV is always to inspect your AC for any mechanical, electrical and/or pressure failures.

Specific to Hybrid and EV systems oil used in conventional vehicles to detect leaks is hygroscopic which if used in a Hybrid or EV can lead to compressor failure or in the case of Hybrids with electric compressor contamination of the system as a whole.

Honda and Toyota have gone as far as to not recommend any dye be placed in the system. To all Hybrid and EV owners or prospective owners please know that driving a Hybrid or EV with a non-operational AC system will degrade your Hybrid or EV battery.

Drivability performance and fuel economy can be affected because the battery pack gets too warm resulting in the boiling of electrolytes within the pack. Simply put, if you own a Hybrid or EV it is imperative that your AC system is working otherwise your vehicle’s battery will degrade.

Battery Service for Hybrid and EV

The scenario all Hybrid and EV owners dread is finding out that their Hybrid or EV battery is no longer repairable and must be replaced. Often times this means a costly repair with a Hybrid or EV battery on national back-order. So what’s the best solution?

1. Be Proactive: Before your Hybrid or EV battery fails, schedule a Hybrid/EV Battery Health Test and find exactly how much life your Hybrid or EV battery has left.

2. Allow us to be your Advocate: If you’ve already been informed that your battery must be replaced by the dealer bring it to us. Depending on battery type we can rebuild your battery and extend the life of your Hybrid or EV battery. On average through our rebuilding process, we’re able to get our customer another 6 months of battery life on average.

3. We’re Certified Installers and We Can Program: If you’re intent on keeping your Hybrid or EV and want to replace your battery we can install your Hybrid or EV battery and most importantly we can program your vehicle to recognize your new Hybrid or EV battery.

Regenerative Brake Service

We offer top-notch brake repair and service on all vehicle makes and models. Our team of experienced technicians uses only state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure that your vehicle’s brake system will be serviced and cared for accordingly. Our skilled technicians will inspect all major components of your vehicle’s brake system, including calipers, pads and shoes, hardware, and rotors, and they will tell you what type of services have to be performed.

Brake Repairs

Do you trust your car’s brakes? If you have any doubts regarding the current condition of your brakes, it’s best to call or pay a visit to our auto repair shop. The common symptoms of a faulty brake system include a feeling that the brakes pull when you push the pedal, a pulsing sensation in the brake pedal, a grinding sound, or wheels coated with brake dust. Our auto repair shop specializes in brake repair and service. We can diagnose and repair a wide variety of brake problems efficiently and quickly.

Some of our most common repairs include:

  • Repairing a faulty anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Replacing brake pads and shoes
  • Servicing of hydraulics (wheel cylinders, hoses, and calipers)

Brake Inspections

A lot of automotive experts suggest that you should undergo a brake system inspection at least once a year or every 12,000 miles. Our certified mechanics will inspect all of the major components of your vehicle’s brake system, including the drums, pads, rotors, shoes, and linings, and give you an evaluation of the current condition of the system. We will recommend replacements or repairs to maintain and improve the performance of your vehicle based on this inspection.

Brake Fluid Checks

When was the last time you had your brake fluid inspected by a professional technician? In order to stay safe, let our experienced and skillful technicians inspect your vehicle’s brake fluid before you hit the road. We’ll evaluate the current condition of your brake fluid and, if needed, replace the old product with a new one that will not only meet but also surpass the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Hybrid and EV Diagnostics/Testing

Hybrid and EV Testing is always performed with scan tools equipped with factory software allowing our technicians the same access as the dealer technician. Our process is to first verify and replicate your concern and then create a plan of action. Here are some common concerns we’ve encountered and repaired for our Hybrid and EV clients.

  • No Crank / No Start with a functioning 12v battery system
  • Isolation fault leading to a loss of propulsion
  • Specific to Hybrids: Internal Combustion Engine misfire
  • Loss of acceleration and reduced fuel economy
  • Specific to EV and PHEV: Vehicle is not charging properly or all the way
  • Check Hybrid System Warning
  • Hybrid Check Engine Light
  • Regenerative Brake Warning
  • Noise Vehicle Concerns for both Hybrid and EV including Tesla
  • Hybrid Overheating
  • Hybrid fluid leaks include engine oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, power electronic coolant, and transmission fluid
  • Hybrid Drive System Malfunction Light
  • Hybrid Transmission slipping/cutting

Hybrids and EVs have integrated systems meaning that if one system is degraded or malfunctioning then the other vehicle systems will compensate thereby creating more stress on the vehicle as a whole. If you’re experiencing any concerns with your Hybrid or EV give us a call today at (940) 566-2125, or schedule a service appointment online.

EV Maintenance

Maintenance is vital to the performance of your EV. High temperatures and humidity can zap the life of your EV battery however there are steps you can take to keep your battery robust. One of the easiest services you can do is to perform regularly scheduled tire rotations, air filter replacements, alignments, brake flushes, and coolant fluid services. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment for your next service.

Hybrid Tune-up

The appeal of owning a Hybrid for many is the expectation of greater fuel economy and fewer repairs throughout the life of the vehicle. Hybrid owners are also able to avoid costly repairs simply by keeping up with their required maintenance.

Below is a list of maintenance vital to the performance of your Hybrid. Keep in mind, however, that your vehicle is unique to you and we only recommend services after cross-referencing your service history, per Carfax, the vehicle inspection, performed by our Hybrid certified technician, and lastly manufacturer service tables.

Hybrid “Tune-Up” Using a 2009 Toyota Prius as a Template

  • Hybrid Battery State of Health Testing for capacitance both static and dynamic (every 12 months)
  • DC to DC Testing (every 60 months/5 years)
  • Power Electronics inspection and Coolant Fluid Drain and Refill followed by scan tool analysis (every 5 years)
  • LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) Tire inspection (every 12 months)
  • Regenerative Brake Service including Brake Fluid Drain and Refill with use of scan tool (every 2 years)
  • EGR Cleaning (every 5 years)
  • Throttle Body Service (every 5 years)
  • Transmission Inspection and Transmission Fluid Drain and Re-Fill (every 60,000 miles)
  • Inspection and replacement of spark plugs for Internal Combustion Engine (every 60,000 miles)
  • 12v Battery Testing (every 12 months)
  • Inspection and cleaning of MAF Sensor (every 3 years)
  • Air Filter replacement (every 15,000 miles)
  • Engine oil drain/refill and engine oil filter replacement (every 6,000 to 8,000 miles)

Please keep in mind that this list is by no means a catchall for all vehicles however the list does allow for proper inspection and maintenance of your Hybrid battery, Internal Combustion Engine, Transmission, Power Electronics, Brakes, and Tires.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

There’s no need for you to rely on luck when purchasing a used car. You need to know the history of the vehicle before you make that big decision. The majority of dealerships around the country offer services such as a Carfax report in order to assist in shining some light on the history of the vehicle. Bear in mind that even though these pre-purchase reports can tell you the history of the vehicle, they cannot tell you for certain whether the vehicle is safe to drive or not.

It is extremely important for vehicles to have the proper preventative maintenance. A pre-purchase inspection can give you an expert opinion on the vehicle’s systems and parts. For example, inspecting a used vehicle’s tires, engine, hoses, belts, and other important engine components can determine the difference between asking the price of the car, or the never-ending investment in repair bills.

All About Imports llc, in Denton, Texas has a longstanding reputation with our customers in the area. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and provide top-quality auto repair, without trying to sell you unnecessary repairs or services.

We have a team of ASE-certified, experienced, and trained technicians that are ready to assist you with a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle you are about to purchase. Our technicians’ advice is to have a pre-purchase inspection in case you are buying a vehicle with no warranty.

You can put your trust in our auto repair facility to provide you with a comprehensive review of your potential vehicle. Before you decide to buy a used car, let our team of expert technicians provide you with a complete and affordable pre-purchase inspection!

Please Remember This: Hybrids Require Specific Parts

You MUST have the correct parts for a hybrid.  A mechanic who does not know this or is not certified may try to use after-market parts that are not correct. This is typical in the mechanic world. But it can devastate your engine, and cost you tons of money in the long run.

You can count on trained technicians at AAI as they provide factory-level service, scheduled maintenance, and repairs on Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Scion, or any import in between. They will give you a fair price and the best service possible.

This is why almost everyone who comes to AAI, keeps coming back over and over again.

If you’ve got a hybrid, and you’re struggling to find a mechanic that you can trust to service, maintain, or repair your vehicle, then you should give AAI a call immediately at (940) 566-2125.