Brake Repair Service – Brakes, Rotors & Brake Pads

Brake Repair Service – Brakes, Rotors & Brake Pads Denton TX

Warning Signs for Brake Repair Service

The most vital component in any vehicle is its brake system, which has one prime job i.e. to halt the vehicle. A malfunctioning brake system means your vehicle is not safe to drive. It is therefore essential to be proactive about brake repair service. The question arises when you should go in for a brake job? Well, before we answer this question, let’s

Understand Brake Parts: Brakes, Rotors & Pads

As a vehicle owner, you must know what constitutes a brake system and how they work. There are various moving parts which work simultaneously when you press on the brakes. As you do that, the brake pads create friction. The brake rotor scatters heat all over the vehicle so that the brakes themselves do not overheat.

Signs of Brake Wear

There are a number of signs which prompt you to pay a visit to your mechanic.

1.     The first and the most common signal is squealing or continuous screeching of the brakes.
2.     Your vehicle brakes are soft or slow to respond
3.     Your vehicle steers or pulls to one side as you push the brake pedal
4.     The brake light sign on the dashboard, which illuminates potential issues with ABS anti-lock brakes, the brake hydraulic system or low fluid

If you find any of the signs above, you should opt for services of a mechanic who can perform ABS diagnosis and repair; bleed, fill and adjust brakes; brake line repair and replacement; caliper reconditioning and replacement;  new brake hoses; new master cylinders; parking brake service & repair; power boosters; rotor & drum resurfacing; and wheel cylinder replacement.

Frequent Brake Care

Regular brake repair should be a part of your car repair checklist to avoid any mishap on the road and keep your repair bills low. Whenever you find the brakes didn’t work properly, go for an inspection. That’s the first sign and there are many others we talked in the previous section. Let’s discuss them in detail one by one.

Brakes Grinding or Continuous Squealing

You must know that brake grinding or screeching is not a normal car behavior. If this happens, it requires you to examine brake pads and replace them as early as possible. A total worn out brake pad can deteriorate rotors, which will be expensive to fix/replace.

Car Vibrates While Braking

In case, you find the brakes working properly but feel a vibration in the steering wheel or brake pedal, understand that the brakes are exhausted and need a replacement. Though it doesn’t look serious as brake screeching, it is equally irritating and dangerous. Visit your mechanic right away to save money on brake maintenance and replacement.

The Vehicle Steers to the Right or to the Left on Applying Brakes

If you find your vehicle steering to any side of the road on applying brakes, you should know it is time to pay a visit to your mechanic immediately to find the cause. Mostly it happens due to low levels of brake fluid, a hydraulic brake issue, a mechanical issue, or a steering issue.

Brake Pedal is Soft

While driving if you feel you have to push the pedal hard to apply brakes, understand that there is a serious issue at hand. You should not take the vehicle for any long or short trip, schedule an appointment immediately with All About Imports (AAI) in Denton, TX.

Brake Service: Replacing Your Brake Pads

The most common brake service is brake pad replacement. A car’s brakes are designed to wear out naturally because the pads rub against brake disks every time you apply the brakes. In your car maintenance checklist, the inspection of brake wear of the pads must be included. If you find the pad thickness less than ¼ inch, you might have to change the brake pads.

Pad replacement can be done at home if you own proper tools. However, you need to take care of the heavy weight of the caliper and the piston. The tools are very important here because installing the piston and calipers over the new thicker pads can be an arduous task.

Remember, pad replacement is just one component of the braking system and there are lots of other things to inspect. Pad replacement should be done if they are worn thin or cracked due to heating.

Schedule Your Brake Repair Appointment Today!

It is very unfortunate to see most drivers not taking good care of their car brakes while they are the most significant safety components of your vehicle. If you want your journeys to be safe for yourself/passengers and everyone on the road, you must follow the factory-recommended maintenance schedule. This puts your mind at ease as the mechanic will perform brake repair, brake line repair, brake placement, and hydraulic system inspections (for leaks and brake  fluid changes if needed). Any issue will be addressed before it becomes a safety concern.

Expert Repair Service & Maintenance – Denton, TX

All About Imports (AAI) has a dedicated team of highly proficient technicians who know their jobs very well. They inspect the whole brake system for faults or needed repairs and perform an honest job. If you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment with a quality auto repair shop technician in Denton, TX that you can rely on and will treat you right.

We provide factory level service and maintenance for Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles. We also provide limited services for other select Asian imports.

Give us  call today at (940) 566-2125. We are here for your when you need a brake inspection or your brake rotors checked, or you need an oil change, air conditioning or any other type of repair service. It is always advisable to be proactive when it comes to your vehicle’s maintenance.