Top Tips To Avoid Car Trouble Over The Holidays

If you’re planning a road trip, you’d definitely want your car to be in perfect condition for a safe drive. Car trouble in the middle of the road is the last thing you would want over the holidays, so plan ahead and pay attention to your vehicle care. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Car Service And Maintenance

Consider the holidays a nice opportunity to get your vehicle serviced and finish any repairs required. Go through your car’s instructional manual to check the most feasible maintenance services as recommended by the automaker. Make an effort to head over to an auto workshop and get your vehicle thoroughly examined before you hit the road to make it trip-safe.

Engine Functionality

One of the essential tasks on your drive-safe checklist should be a check on the engine’s proper care and maintenance. Ask the mechanic at the auto shop to give it an inspection to solve issues related to stalling, hard starts, reduced power, and gritty idling. The mechanic will also address cold weather auto troubles like a dead battery, frozen fuel line, broken wipers, alternator belt and so on.

Fluid Levels

While it’s recommended to keep a regular watch on fluid levels to step up your vehicle’s drive, give it a careful look before packing for holidays. Since your vehicle needs different fluids to work properly, take some time to carefully examine their levels. Examine engine oil, brake oil, power steering oil, coolant, and windshield cleanser. Take a look at the gauges for any leakage and ensure the levels are within optimum range, and if not, top up. It’s recommended to keep fuel levels up and add a bottle of fuel deicer every month to your tank to prevent moisture-freeze in the fuel lines (should be done in extremely cold weather). It’s a good thing if you can change the engine oil according to the owner’s manual. It is recommended however, to seek out the help of a professional mechanic in this regard.

Security System And Safety Features

A road trip-safe car has to have proper safety features like traction control, accident avoidance systems, seat belts, ABS with EBD and airbags. All these safety facilities must in good working condition. An examination by a pro is highly suggested before any holiday trip.

Electrical Systems

A recommended task is to inspect the windshield wipers, the horn, indicator lights and all the interior and exterior lights in the vehicle. Change the blades on the windshield wipers and make use of rubber clad ones to ward off the snow and water. Make sure the lights and the horn are working fine to enjoy a safe drive, especially when it’s dark and rainy. A nice idea is to add spares like bulbs and fuses, an ice scraper, and a windshield washer solvent in your tool bag, so you don’t have to fuss over an auto parts shop while on the road.

Exhaust And Cooling Systems

Before heading for the holidays hit an auto shop and get your vehicle’s exhaust and cooling system examined for leaks. There should be no exhaust fumes, and the trunk and footboard should not have small holes. The coolant system should be inspected for coolant level and its condition. If required, level up to stop your car from overheating. Ask the mechanic to check the hoses, drive belts, and clamps to ensure they’re tight and in good condition. While on that, do not forget to get the heater and defroster examined for a comfortable drive.


The battery is a crucial part of your vehicle and you’ll need a professional to give it a thorough look to solve issues related to weak battery or diminished power. On your end, routine care is advised. Cleanse away any dirt or corrosive particles from cables and posts, tight all cable links, check fluid concentrations if battery caps are removable, and avoid contact with battery acid or any corrosive buildups. It is advised to wear rubber gloves and eye-care accessories when cleaning your car’s battery.


Shabby and worn tires are not going to make your road trip memorable, so examine them properly for tire pressure, uneven cupping and wearing, tread, scratches, cuts, and blotches. Always keep a spare in your trunk and have your jack in perfect condition should you need to work on a tire-change. Before checking tire pressure, allow the tires to cool down. Moreover, rotate them regularly as suggested by your automaker, so that all tires wear out evenly. Also, check for the tightness and condition of nuts on your tires to avoid trouble.

Emergency Kit

Always have an emergency toolkit in your vehicle, and that should include a flashlight, boots, gloves, a cell phone, a tiny shovel, energy drinks, and a few snacks. You can get one from an auto shop to make your road trip extra safe.

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