Top 5 Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Car batteries are an essential electric source that require special care due to their low capability of holding power over longer time periods. This unit is loaded with toxic chemicals that need removal as they’re gradually used up. A well maintained battery typically lasts between 2 to 5 years while others die out pretty quick. A good idea is to pay due diligence to the battery care in order to enhance its life-span and save money on replacements. Here’s a list of the top 5 car battery maintenance tips that will prolong its life:

Clean The Battery Properly

The battery unit has different cable connections and posts that get swamped with grime, dust and oxidation residues with time. These are bad for the battery and should be immediately cleansed off, as they can get worse with high humidity and salt water environments. Make it a habit to clean your batteries regularly by carefully removing deposits from the cables and terminals. Use a mix of water and sodium bicarbonate (NahCO3) to create a washing solvent for the process adding it over the terminals. Use a wire brush to scrub off any corrosive materials or grime build-ups. Clean the battery thoroughly, as the deposits can affect the charge. However, take care to take off the clamps first and wear eye protection and rubber gloves to avoid damage to the eyes or hands while purging.

Park The Car In Your Garage

A safe way to keeping your car battery clean is by parking your vehicle in the garage avoiding humidity and cold temperatures. Winter is a gritty season for batteries and can cause different types of transmission and motor errors including hard start-ups. The garage is generally warmer, around 20 degrees compared to external temperature in cold weather. A great idea is to use an insulated garage because that provides an optimum temperature for battery to last longer. However, avoid parking your vehicle in a hot carport because that promotes rusting. You can also try insulated batteries with covers for protection from cold weather. These can easily be purchased from an automotive retailer that sells car parts and accessories.

Make Use Of Solar Charging

The lifespan of any battery can be augmented by recharging it, while weak batteries can be actuated to full capacity by giving them a good charge when you notice signs of diminishing power. A green way to charging your battery is by using solar power because it’s relatively inexpensive and works well for dead batteries too. You can easily get an affordable solar charger for the car’s battery to power it up using the rays of the sun from an auto parts retailer or a workshop. Although it’s a handy tool but you might run the risk of overcharging the unit. For this reason, it’s suggested to make use of a solar charge monitor that indicates the charging progress and a full battery.

Use Distilled Water

Experts also recommend the use of distilled water for filling up the car’s battery in order to promote longevity and sound performance. Adding distilled water to the unit is a simple task that does not require any assistance, however you do need to protect your eyes and put on protective glasses. The use of this liquid in the battery facilitates its functioning in extreme temperatures of cold and high humidity while protecting it against leakage of charge. Leveling up the battery with distilled water ensures a high quality charge for your battery and squeezes maximum power out of it. As the battery consists of different chemicals that generate a lot of gaseous buildups in the unit, adding distilled water can significantly reduce the amount of gases. This is another factor that elongates the lifespan of your car battery keeping it healthy and running smooth.

Keep Battery Connections Secured

A battery includes a mesh of links, cables, terminals and posts that must be firmly secured in their respective places for the battery to function properly. Sometimes, loose connections or unclamped terminals can result in a battery going bad including issues like reduced power, or corrosion at the battery terminals, the vehicle may have trouble starting among other things. Ensure that the battery unit is properly fixed in the battery tray and secured with the hold-down clamp. This should not be overlooked as the constant movements by the unit may cause impingement with the engine resulting in various problems. Issues like these may affect the ignition system and transmission leading to overly expensive repairs. Always check that the battery is firmly secure in the unit’s case, so it does not move around. The cables and terminals should also be tightened but you’ll need a mechanic to do that, so check with an auto shop for a regular tune-up. Periodic maintenance of your car battery can help avoid costly repairs and troubles, so put in an effort for timely battery care.

Car Battery Maintenance

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