November 19, 2016

I want to thank the staff at All About Imports in Denton for the GREAT service and hospitality that they showed me on my very first visit with them. I have been trying to get someone to fix my transmission problem for several months. The transmission slipped and hesitated when accelerating and would sometimes slip, and then it would grab and jerk the whole car. I finally had someone suggest All About Imports and how much they saved other people. I must have visited 5 different transmission shops including one that said there was nothing wrong with it even after I took the so-called mechanic for a test drive.
All About Imports gave me a quote for an installed rebuilt transmission that was $1,000.00 cheaper than other quotes and $3,000.00 cheaper than Honda, and it would only take one day to get it back. I had AAI check a couple of other problems at the same time including a passenger-side mirror that would not work. AAI could have said it needed a new motor or something else and could have charged me and I wouldn’t have known any better. Instead, they told me that all it needed was to be popped back into the unit and it was fixed, at no charge. That’s integrity for you. AAI also fixed all the oil leaks that had to do with the engine and power steering pump. I can’t believe I didn’t find them sooner. Now all my future vehicle work will be going to All About Imports.
Thanks AAI staff!!!